In May of 2014, a friend of mine asked me to be her wedding photographer. I had NEVER shot a wedding before! I was so worried about doing a good enough job that I began obsessively scouring wedding blogs and researching camera gear. When the day finally arrived, I was a bundle of nerves. But everything magically fell into place and just felt RIGHT. I knew immediately that I had stumbled into something special.

Photographing weddings allows me to reach into myself and effortlessly become the BEST version. This job is so much more than a job to me. It is a calling that transformed my entire life and enabled me to find my purpose - to lovingly and graciously serve couples on the biggest day of their lives.

Falling into wedding photography was the happiest accident of my life.

how it all started

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When I'm without my camera, I'm usually found reading a fantasy novel, at the dog park with my Aussiedoodle, Pippin (yes, that's a LotR reference), working out at the rock climbing gym, listening to audiobooks, sewing a new dress or playing The Sims. I also hang out with my wonderful husband Caleb! We've been married for six years, and he's the best.

when i'm without my camera, i'm usually found...

Since my first ever wedding, I have had the absolute joy of photographing over 100 marriages, being published in magazines, traveling to several different states (and Mexico twice!) to witness all different kinds of love stories, spending time investing in building my business and furthering my photo education, and finally, seeing groomsmen do keg stands in kilts. Probably could have done without that last one...

I'm like really obsessed with wedding photography.

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